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DECO Hired to Restore Power to Damaged Treatment Plant

DECO is one of three electrical companies selected to restore the West Point Treatment Plant near Discovery Park in Magnolia after it was damaged earlier this month. Extensive damages that resulted from a unique series of events left untreated wastewater spilling into Puget Sound and alarm as to how quickly full capacity could be restored.

As the company contracted to maintain wastewater treatment plants for King County, DECO was on hand immediately following the emergency in early March to provide assessment and help. After a few days, it became obvious that the plant was severely damaged.

“Within a few days of the flood, everything was oxidized,” says Jeremy Abbott, project manager and co-owner of DECO. “All the power was turned off and the water pumped out. I recognized the severity of the situation and provided much-needed manpower and equipment.”

Ultimately, DECO was hired as one of the contractors to expedite the repairs, along with mechanical, cleaning and demolition, controls, consultants, and specialty boiler contractors—to name a few. DECO has a crew of between 8 and 14 workers on the site, including a full time safety inspector, until the repairs are complete.

What went wrong at the West Point treatment plant?

“There were simultaneous power outages and flooding,” says Abbott. “The plant was unable to discharge the water as fast as it was coming in because of a series of events. This much damage is not normal.”

King County is working to figure out exactly what went wrong at the wastewater treatment plant to prevent a reoccurrence. In the meantime, council members waived the bidding process and voted the incident an emergency until the end of May 2018. By then, they hope to diagnose any underlying causes and have solutions for the next rainy season.

“There are miles of tunnels and pipes and pools,” says Abbott. “We’re replacing equipment that was submerged, including transformers, motor control centers, variable speed drivers, control panels, electrical panels, and instrumentation. It’s amazing the electrical technology required to clean sewage before discharging it.”

DECO’s commitment to customer service and willingness to assist during an emergency situation has enhanced its reputation as a company that will go above and beyond the norm.


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What 777X Plant Means for Boeing

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$1 Billion 777X Composite Wing Center Opens

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